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Why Yahoo Small Business Can Benefit Any Business

If you have a small business to manage, then you know just how difficult it can be. Although they are called ‘small’ businesses for a reason, it can take a full sized team to run a successful business of any kind, and between web hosting and web design, financial organization, marketing, online sales, and a variety of other positions that need to be filled, there are so many things that need to take place to grow a small business. And Yahoo Small Business is a great way to get your small business’s web presence off to the right start.Between the web hosting services, their merchant account services, help with advertisement and customer service, and a number of other services that are offered, any small business looking to get a good start would benefit well from the many services offered by Yahoo Small Business. Whether building your first website or looking for Yahoo E-commerce and an online store, YSB has the tools and is your easy solution.Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting ServicesBeing that Yahoo is a web based service, they excel at providing users with the necessary tools to improve their small business. Choose your own web address and domain name and personalize it with your very own professional grade website. The goal is to make your business thrive with an improved online presence.If you get stuck, Yahoo provides 24 hour customer support, assisting you with questions related to down times, data transfer, emails, and more. The web design tools that are included are relatively easy to use with easily customizable designs, so you never have to worry about having your web site look like everybody else’s.1,000 email addresses give you more than you could ever need for a small business, and with unlimited web storage and all of the benefits of Yahoo email, you are well equipped to give your business a boost. Everything is easy to use. Yahoo Mail Plus with SpamGuard keeps those nasty spam emails away from you and your employees, keeping computers safer and allowing your business to be more productive.Get Your E-Commerce Site Off to a Running StartWith Yahoo Small Business and their Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting options, you also have the option of creating an e-commerce site for your small business. This is great for those businesses that have physical locations as well as online businesses, and including e-commerce can help to expand your customer base.For those small businesses out there that lack a physical location, e-commerce website platforms are critical to business success. Not every e-commerce site is equal to another, and simple things like design, accessibility, and ease of use can make all of the difference in the world.Search Engine TargetingNot only does Yahoo Small Business automatically submit your site to the popular search engines, but those who use Yahoo can also use Yahoo Sponsored Search to advertise your business. This gives regular businesses more exposure and more of a chance to be seen by targeted potential customers. Customer targeting, search engine placement, user friendly advertisements, search engine keyword reports and more… What else could you need to get a business off of the ground than what Yahoo Small Business and Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting has to offer?Internet AccessAs if all of this wasn’t enough, Yahoo Small Business has even teamed up with AT&T to provide Internet access service to small business customers. When you bundle the Yahoo Small Business services and Yahoo Internet access together, it even allows you to save up to 20 percent, and in the beginning of a small business, every little bit helps.Yahoo Small Business and their Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting services just may provide you with the edge you need to blow the competition out of the water.

Will Google Places Help My Local Business?

Google Yahoo and Bing have each developed local search pages for the benefit of people searching for local businesses so what are the advantages for local business. After all local advertising, mail shots, fliers and the occasional local radio have sufficed until now.This is very true but times have changed. Offline advertising has become more expensive and less effective, mail shots are regarded as spam and fliers are seldom cost effective. People’s shopping habits have also changed. As buyers have become more mobile they are more inclined to search for what they want on the internet. The number of searches has risen each year and the advent of internet enabled mobile phones has meant that more people are searching on the fly. This has meant that local search pages are playing an ever increasing role in local commerce.It is expected that smart phones will become ever more important over the next twelve to twenty four months. Google is involved with the production of smart phones and is at the forefront of mobile software. It has been rumored that the phones will soon be free on signing a contract. This is bound to increase the use of Google local search pages.Google local search pages are now mobile ready.As smart phones become more available and cheaper, more people in the UK will use their mobile phones to search for services and products they want. Google has integrated Google maps with Google Mobile and developed an app to enable GPS services on your mobile thus helping searchers to physically find the outlet they are looking for.Large multinational companies are leaving the high street and going where the customers are. They are moving to the large out of town shopping complexes. This leaves the smaller local business at a disadvantage as it has always relied partly on passing traffic for direct marketing.Google with its mobile searches, with Google Places and Google maps has allowed local business to once again to have a presence. Of course just having a presence is seldom enough. Smaller local businesses need to be offering what the customer wants and be able to give a service superior to that of the larger chain stores. A positive helpful customer relationship will always gain over the disinterested customer relations of many of the larger stores and service industries.A properly setup and managed Google Places listing that is also mobile ready is probably the best and most economic way to help smaller local business customers find what they really want and therefore ensure that local business survives and thrives.