The Perfect Trello Gantt Chart Integration

The Gantt Chart view for Trello is now available on Bridge24. This highly sought-after feature allows you to create a visual timeline of activities across all Boards using any date field as a punctual date or start and end dates. The Gantt Chart view is also incredibly flexible, allowing you to easily filter and adjust your view as needed. Overall, this new feature is a powerful tool for Trello users, enabling them to easily and effectively manage and visualize their projects.

Trello Gantt Chart View

The Trello Gantt Chart view is typically used in project planning to track task progression by scheduling and rearranging tasks based on their start and end dates. However, Trello lacked a “Card Start” date until recently, which presented a challenge. In response, Bridge24 developed its Gantt view, allowing users to select any date field, including custom fields, to serve as the start or end date. This was done before the new start date field was released in Trello. With this feature, users can easily manage and visualize their project timelines.

Gantt Chart Settings

To utilize the Gantt Chart view, start by setting the start and end dates or a punctual date for each item, which will appear on the chart. The view offers various settings, including grouping and sorting by Board or Board and List, and the ability to collapse and expand to focus on specific cards. Additionally, the extent of the date range is indicated by a bar above each grouped list. Users can customize the Grid section by showing or hiding columns and adjusting the grid size and Gantt by dragging the division line. These settings allow for a more personalized and efficient project management experience.


Options for the Gantt Chart

With Bridge24, users have access to dynamic filtering, which allows for the quick and easy location of information by adding a search term or creating a proper filter. Milestones and date bars are also displayed for cards with end dates, which can be modified by dragging and dropping. To apply changes, users can click on the Refresh icon. Furthermore, the Action menu provides access to card-related actions, which can be accessed by hovering over a card in the Grid section. These features enable efficient project management and an improved user experience.

Export your Trello Gantt Chart to PDF Format

Exporting your Trello Gantt chart to a PDF is a simple process. Just click on the PDF icon at the top left of the view. However, it’s important to note that there is a maximum chart dimension that can be exported. If the chart exceeds this limit, a message will be displayed. To prevent this issue, it’s recommended to filter your view to ensure it fits within the acceptable dimensions. This will help ensure that your Gantt chart is properly exported as a PDF and can be shared with others.


The Trello Gantt chart view is vital for project planning and management. It enables users to track and visualize task progression, set start and end dates, and dynamically filter and adjust their view. Grouping and sorting by Board or Board and List allow users to easily identify specific cards and monitor progress. Furthermore, the Gantt chart view supports exporting to a PDF, making it easier for users to share project timelines and progress reports with others.

In conclusion, the Trello Gantt chart view is an indispensable feature for any Trello user seeking to streamline their project management and stay on top of deadlines. It is an essential tool for effective project planning and management.

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