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What is Government Law and Social Structure About Aborigines?

Society of Aborigine consisted of elder people as well as young people. Responsibility of handling the society was in the hands of the elder people. Although there were no leaders in the society elder people were given the role of performing the duty for the benefit of the society. Elder people who were knowledgeable were given the responsibility to issue orders for the public interest and t helped in ruling the society without any official leader. Families consisted of children and adults and one member was given the importance and respect as the elder person.Following pointers describe about government law and social structure about Aborigines:1. Laws made by the elder people of the society. Every person was not regarded as the elder person of the society but elder people who were respectable and intelligent were given the responsibility to make the laws and were called elder person.2. Different types of laws were made by the elder people. There were common rules made for maintaining the discipline and communication standards. Laws for marriage and social issues were made by keeping various problems in mind.3. Special laws were made for exercising punishments to the criminals and offenders. Rape cases and thefts were among the serious punishable offence and elder persons made strict laws for handling such cases.4. There were families or group of people called tribes, bands etc. Family comprised of uncle, father, mother, children, grandmother and grandfather. There was one elder person in the family.5. Food habits of Aborigines were quite different but People used to eat both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food items. Fish was enjoyed by the people and many animals were cooked in the open fire.6. Animals and reptiles were also one of the favorite food items of Aborigines. Sweet potatoes and bread was used for eating. Flour was also made into dough paste and roasted in food.7. Liver of animals was also liked by people. Kangaroo were also preferred for eating as the non-vegetarian food. Ducks and even snacks were consumed by Aborigines.8. People even used to enjoy the taste of plants and vegetables like cabbage and lilies. Plant food was consumed by the people and cherries were also eaten by many people.Government laws and social structure of Aborigines resembles some part of modern man. But it has gone through tremendous changes.